I’m Sadie Thompson. This is where I’m supposed to write about the basics and talk about what I love, maybe even tell you how I like my coffee. But I love too many things to put in here so we’ll just see how it goes.

I do not have any personality disorders but I am a lot of different things. I have actually been discribed as a jumble of paradoxes before. That made me smile. I’m kinda scatter-brained at times…most of the time. Which is totally fine with me ’cause I like to think and ponder a lot of things. That’s why I made this blog. These posts are full of all my processing. I’ll talk about a whole buncha stuff on this here online public journal where I spill my guts. I am very interested in personality study and neurology and stuff. So for those of you who share my interested, I am an 


Type 2-7(Enneagram)

Developer, Includer, Futuristic, Empathy, Positivity (StrengthFinders) 

and Blueberry Poptart (Buzzfeed Quiz)

I am an artist. My specialty is photorealism which is where you make the drawing look exactly like a photograph. I’ve been doing that professionally for nearly five years. I’m 16 by the way. I also enjoy writing. I’m writing and illustrating a children’s book right now about being a child of God. I also write songs, which ties into my love for music. I love talking through music and the expression it takes to portray a story through melodies. 

I also love people. Like, a lot. I love stories and getting to know the depths of a person. I love how beautiful and messy humanity is. And I love meeting everyone. I legit have not met a person I don’t like (at least, not since I’ve found my identity. Read about that in this here blog 😉 I love sharing identity and truth and watching people grow and helping them understand who they are so they can live life to the fullest. Plus, life is all about relationships, whether that’s with God, romantic ones, or just acquaintances. Relationships and loving people is just the mostest bestest. 

Okay, here’s some basics just ’cause… I’m 16. I live in Fort Worth (TX) area but I dream of moving back to Dallas someday. Or Uganda. Or Tijuana, Mexico. Or Thailand. Or Spain… I like to travel. I am the oldest of 7 siblings. I’m in love with many things I haven’t mentioned yet. Someday I’m gonna skydive. I sing, play the guitar, ukulele and I will eventually play piano and bass. I like doing tech-y stuff and stage managing. I like foxes a lot. I like making people laugh. I like laughing. I like trying all the things, everything, all the time. I take my coffee any way you give it to me (as long as it’s at least half-decent coffee), I love coffee. But most mornings I just put honey and a splash of half-and-half in it. 

Yeah, that’s me. Read ma blog to get to know me better! And contact me if you want to ask questions are whatever 🙂