My name is Sadie Thompson.

Currently I am in Toowoomba, Australia on mission with YWAM. I’m originally from Texas. I have a heart for identity; knowing who and who’s you are.

I love art and culture and music. I think those things are worship and humanity at its core. It’s diversity and beauty and connection and simplicity and complexity all at once.

Jesus is my number one joy and hope. He’s my best friend and my lover and I’m truly thankful I’ve been able to partner with Him in life. How cool that we have a God who created us and loves us so much that we can have a beautiful relationship with Him? Pretty freaking cool.

This is my processing blog. It’s not all pretty. I love to write and I’ve found it a healthy way to sort through the good, bad, and ugly. I usually blog with Jesus and so this entire blog is in some way my testimony.

Feel free to contact me with questions and comments or what ever you feel like! I like a good deep convo. My life is an open book.