Good morning, Bangkok

We’re here! I’m laying on my bunk bed in the room we’ll call home for 6 weeks. It’s a spacious concrete room with a huge window that lets in all the city light and noise. We’re a two minute walk from just about everything; the markets, cafes, a 7-Eleven, and anything else we could possibly need. We’re on the YWAM Thailand base. There’s five floors including the roof, which has a spectacular view of the neighborhood. You’ll see photos from there very soon. We will have killer calves by the end of this trip with all these stairs.

Getting here was an adventure from the get go. Our first flight to Hong Kong was smooth sailing. We had no issues. I watched Saving Private Ryan with Dom and we slept most of the way. Then in Hong Kong things got a little bumpy as time went on. We spent 3+ hours on the plane as they decided whether it was safe or not to fly. They eventually deemed it unsafe and we headed back into the airport with the kind compensation of $75 worth of free food for our trouble. It turned out to be worth about $9 so we got Starbucks coffee and pastries and laid around until it was time to board. I love my team. There were plenty of opportunities to get flustered, annoyed, or impatient. But no one ever did. We had a great time, even when we didn’t know what was going on. My team is incredible and yeah I’m in love with them all.

We got to Bangkok, tired and excited. We met our contact and rode to the base in the back of an open truck. I think that was the first time it hit most of us that “oh my gosh we’re in Thailand and this is actually happening now.” We settled in and had a meeting on the roof. My tendinitis in my knee flared up and since flying I could hardly move it. 5 flights of stairs was a challenge to say the least. But my teams first thought was to pray. I really love how that’s our trip started. There’s been confusion, delays, injuries, but everyone’s first thought is to pray and love each other. This is a powerful team. My knee is already feeling tons better and I expect will be healed soon.

This morning we walked to a cafe to get breakfast and buy a few necessities (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) Today is a rest day so we’re all chilling in our rooms; reading, sleeping, and whatnot. In a few minutes we’ll have lunch together and play UNO. Tonight we’re going to the markets for dinner. We’ll explore a little, get our bearings, and get settled. Tomorrow we have a sort of orientation with our contact, Neen. She’ll tell us all and everything we need to know and we’ll begin ministry.

I feel very blessed to have such an amazing team to work with, base to sleep in, and I can’t wait to meet more incredible people. Ministry will be fun. It may be hard at times to be seeing the things we’ll see. But I’m truly in awe and wonder of God right now and expectant of what He’s gonna do.

View from our window^


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