Week Two Begins 1/29/18

Today begins our second week of lectures. Monday here brings excitement and expectation to most everyone. I think it’s safe to say we’re all motivated and ready for whatever these next five days will bring. Last week was incredibly rich and wonderful and so we all eagerly anticipate the coming teachings, activities, and growth ahead.

We are studying Hearing Gods Voice this week. Our speaker is base director, Micheal Bingham. We ate breakfast, some groggily, some fully awake and rearing to go. Then we piled into the community room and sat at our folding tables next to family, laughing, chatting, and maybe still waking up.

Micheal began by sharing his testimony. I really appreciated hearing it. He and his wife are incredibly busy, running this base smoothly and letting Holy Spirit lead them. We don’t have as much of a chance to get to know them as we do some of the other staff. So I liked that he took the opportunity to let us get to know him. He talked about growing up, his journey with YWAM, and how God has been faithful throughout his life. It was an introduction to him, the heart for this base, and to the subject of hearing God. After his story, he jumped right into his God speaks. I plan on posting notes towards the end of this week’s lectures and y’all can see what we’re learning.

I am so in love with these people. They’ve been talking about how it’s a special group (in all honesty, at first I thought, “Sure that’s what you’re supposed to say.”) It really is. Literally every person here has an immense amount of talent and passion and love. So many walks of life and diverse stories but so much connection and so many dreams coming true together. Despite it only having been a week together, we really are a family. It happened much quicker and deeper than I knew to expect. I’m really grateful for all these brothers and sisters. We’ve laughed and cried and dreamed and learned together.

I’ve discovered that living in community is probably my favoritest thing ever. I truly enjoy waking up with 50 other people and eating together and sharing life together. You can only be open and vulnerable and there’s only kindness and growth in this place specifically.

Gods crazy cool y’all.


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