In Flight 1/16/17

Nearly done with 14 hours and 30 minutes of flying. I can lean against the cold window and watch clouds above the wings of this monstrous aircraft. There’s an empty seat between me and a grandmother from Bangladesh named Rahla. Through a slight language barrier, she told be about her children; a scientist, an engineer, and a neurologist. She’s proud. There’s lots of young children on board this plane. Three babies are being passed around to different cooing, grinning adults. I don’t think they’re all family, or even more than acquaintances, yet babies are cared for and played with until they get tired and restless and return to mama’s arms.

I’ve seen a majority of this flights passengers pray at specific times, bowing, humming and rocking peacefully. Rahla told me a little bit about what the Korah means to her. I told her a little bit about what the Bible means to me. She didn’t know I was praying when I was.

There’s been two meals so far and I believe breakfast is on its way as the flight attendants begin rushing back and forth through the aisles. They smile, nod and dodge the parents who are calming small children through the walkways. One of them I haven’t seen lose his smile this whole 12 hours. He’s been making friends with the passengers near his station. Another one hasn’t smiled very much this flight. I’ve been trying to decide whether it’s her resting face or she’s not having her best day. There’s an old Indian man across the aisle from me who makes her laugh though. He’s been cracking jokes for anyone who will listen.

I am ready to stand up again. My knees are beginning to feel like they’re screwed permanently bent. My lips and fingers are dry and clammy. I could probably use some more sleep. But ultimately I’m really happy. I love traveling. I love getting to meet people who’s lives I don’t understand and they don’t understand mine. People always find something to relate to on though. Always. Rahla and I both come from big families and both of us are interested in arts. I met a man while in line for boarding who was from Kenya. He was traveling for the first time in his life at 46 years old. He asked me if I’m a friend of Jesus and when I said yes he told me he could tell because Jesus has a way of putting His face in others faces. We related on our savior and I’ll most likely never meet again. But most likely we’ll always remember that conversation. How cool is that?

Just a couple of hours from Dubai. Completely man made. I’m excited to see a city that is pioneered and built on ingenuity and engineering. Millions upon millions of minds have been a part of the process of building Dubai. Artists, architects, futurists, scientists, travelers work displayed at every corner. Cities get me excited about people. People get me excited about God.


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