What to Say When You Have Nothing to Say

Throughout life we weave in and out of seasons. We go through seasons of creativity and wonder and in these times things just feel generally at peace. And then other times of hardship and questioning, and nothing feels at peace. It is inevitable that as a human living in a broken world, you will go through all the ups and downs of life. And it is inevitable that in these downs, when things hurt and your world is fragile, that you will feel like there is nothing to say.
Everyone experiences this and for a variety of reasons. Whether its because you’re fearful of saying the wrong things, or because you assume that what you do have to say isn’t of any value, or maybe you just don’t feel as if you have anything to say at all, neither profound or worthless. So what are you supposed to do? What do you say when you have nothing to say? How do you minister to yourself and others when you feel empty?
First of all, you can’t fix it. You cannot change your circumstances or anything really. And that is a huge blessing to you. Its not up to you. The things that are up to you are: your choice to love Him, your choice to love others, and your choice for joy. Striving to attain perfection will only bring you exhaustion. You have to let God protect your heart and hold your hand. He absolutely will. That what He’s been wanting to do since you were only a thought in the Godhead.
So here is what you say: Thank you. Thank you that you protect me and hold my hand. Thank you that you don’t let me go. Thank you that I can fall onto you. Thank you that your dreams are my dreams. Thank you for what you’ve given me. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you for singing over me. Thank you for wiping my tears away. Thank you for laughing with me. Thank you for creating a space for you and me. Thank you for letting me run and never letting me get lost. Thank you for your complete steadfastness.
Thats it. Thank Him over and over again. Peace starts with gratitude. With gratitude you are totally satisfied, wanting nothing. Not to say you shouldn’t dream and aspire, please do. But unsatisfaction will leave gaping holes in your heart and life. Satisfaction = peace = joy = relationship with Him =  trust. Always, forever, unchanging.

Psalms 107





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