Resting To Know Your Story

I used to hate routine. I hated repetition. I always craved spontaneity and newness. I constantly wanted to be on the move and trying something else. And I do think that there is an important side to that. I still hate complacency. I still love new ideas and redemption and freedom. I still love adventure. There is a healthy way to be always discovering and always in wonder of life. But I had to learn how to rest.
Resting was hard. It took a process of learning how. Actually, I’m still learning. To rest is to know that He’s got it.
He can handle it.
He won’t fail.
He won’t give up.
He doesn’t need my help to accomplish anything.
That was a big one for me. I always knew in my head that God was God. Of course He can do it. But I didn’t know it in my heart. I still tried to do my part. I wanted to do my job and move on to do the next job. Someone told my that I have a servant’s heart and that’s what I lived off of. I wanted to be constantly and consistently serving. Work, work, work. I wanted to live for Jesus, thinking that meant attaining something for Him. I had to do it all. And thats a dangerous rut to get stuck in.
Honey, please realize you don’t have to do it all. The sooner the better, ’cause when you do then you can savor life. You can’t savor life when you’re busy. Its impossible. Seriously, take time to look at the sky. Depending on the time of day you may see brilliant hues, or giant clouds, or a blinding sun, or billions of water droplets. Isn’t that beautiful? When you think about it, thats pretty crazy. Its creative, its magnificent, its a testimony to His goodness and power. But had you been in too much of a hurry to get somewhere, or to even step outside, you wouldn’t have noticed. You would have completely missed this insanely beautiful gift He is presenting you.
And its not just nature that you could be missing. You could be missing your own story. Stories are so important. Stories are what have held generations together. From stories wisdom and knowledge can be gleaned and sealed in your heart. A person’s story is their history, their future, their heart, their love, desires, dreams and hopes all wrapped up in one. Knowing your own story is crucial to understanding who you are, what is important to you and who is important to you.
There are thousands of tales and snippets of my story that I could share (and will share in this blog) that prove the majesty of God. My story is all about redemption and dreams and loving pursuit. And I’m just getting started 😉 But I wouldn’t have been able to tell you my story had I not learned to rest. I didn’t even stop to think that I had a story.
I was brought up a Christian, by a fairly normal family in America. I went to church, bible study, lead worship in various places, liked to read and was an artist. What kind of a story is that? I thought that was it.  That synopsis doesn’t even scratch the surface. My story is deeper and more intimate and personal. As is yours. Our God was creative enough to make this universe that has endless possibilities and infinite choices. Every story is ravishing and complex and intriguing because thats just how humans are. Thats how we are created to be. Yet, we tend to move to fast to know that about ourselves.
So what is rest? I talked a bit about this already and I’ll probably talk about it more in the future. But in short, rest is trusting God. Which is in no way boring or complacent. God is consistent, He is kind, He is generous and gracious. I could go on and on about the attributes of God but He is NOT predictable. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. He lets us in on His thoughts and heart. But we will never fully understand them. Which is really a beautiful thing.
Trusting God is unimaginably fun. He’s so playful and creative. Yet He always stays the same. And He doesn’t need you to do it all. Enjoy life, have adventures, try new things, serve with all your heart. Thats exactly why He gave you this life. Enjoy Him. But don’t pressure yourself to try to attain or achieve anything for God. Thats just the traditions of men. He did not call you to do something that would hurt you. He is a good, good father.
Your story is intricate and deserves to be known. I highly suggest thinking about it and maybe even getting it down, whether in your journal, on a blog, in a notebook, or saying it out loud to a friend. Knowing your own testimony and how He fits into it brings so much peace and understanding into your life. So rest, trust Him to move, let go of the things that are hindering you from noticing how amazing He and this world is, and discover your story.


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