For Laughter, Spotify And The Flap Of A Hummingbird’s Wing

I was listening to “Have It All” by Bethel. It is a beautiful, simple song of confession and surrender. Its easy to listen to and the lyrics are well written. However I had never really listened to the lyrics. I never thought about them or let them sink into my heart. Until today, I was cleaning and put it on for background music. The first line started,

“You can have it all, Lord
Every part of my world
Take this life and breathe on
this heart that is now yours”

Then I heard God say loud and clear, “Sadie, do I have your all?” Then I realized that I don’t give Him my everything. I’m good at looking at my problems and my circumstances and saying, “God, I can’t do this. Hold my hand. Take my burden…” etc. But I never think to give Him the ‘good stuff’. I know how to give Him my issues and take rest, knowing He takes care of me. But why don’t I give Him my good things?
I realized I hadn’t given Him my relationships. My parents, my closest friends, the person I love, acquaintances…it never once occurred to me that I should give them to Him. I hadn’t given Him my passions. My passions, which He is so involved in, I was still holding for myself, feeling I need to be accountable and responsible for all my goals and visions. (On a side note: I do think its important to be accountable and responsible in your life. Giving it to God is not an excuse for complacency. Its an action of receiving strength from Him and letting Him lead you and love you)
   I need to give Him my little good things. Things like coffee in the morning, making someone laugh, going for a run, capturing that perfect shot, sunsets, busy city streets. To give Him my all really means all. He graciously takes my issues and burdens and throws them in the sea. But He wants to take my everything so that He can be my everything.
So what does that look like? Gratitude. Thankfulness. Awareness of how incredible He is. To spin off of my last post, to have childlike wonder. I mean, this is the God who created galaxies full of flaming balls of gas, musical scales, the rainbow, lightning, mountains and caves, complex nervous systems, and knee caps. And He wants so badly to be my everything. Do you understand that? He is desperate for you. He wants for you to give Him your all, so He can give you all of Him.
So I thank God for my parents, for Bethel music, for Spotify, for my close friends who listen to me and whom I listen to. I thank God for sushi, for fog in the mornings in the country, for happy tears. I thank God for the passions He put in me, for people, for neurology, for art, for beauty, for newness. I thank God for dreams and visions and plans and ideas. I thank God for mountains in all their grandeur, for the oceans in their vastness. I thank God for complexity in rain, and in thoughts, and in emotions, and in the flap of a hummingbird’s wing and in my beating heart. I thank God for the simplicity of loving someone, of wheat fields, of frequencies and of laughter. I could go on and on.
I recommend taking time out of your day to write down, say out loud, type, or whatever you need to do to get out the things you’re thankful for. As I’ve written in posts past, declaring is powerful. And being truly grateful means letting Him know. Being in relationship with Him is beautiful and breathtakingly wonderful. He wants your all so He can give you His all.


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