Like A Child

“Truly, unless you change and become like a little child, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven” -Matthew 18:3
I bet you’ve heard this verse before. Its preached and used in church services and bible studies all the time. I’ve noticed that the context I’ve heard it translated to in many places is often wrong though. I’ve heard people imply that if you don’t have this childlike faith then you can’t get into to the pearly gates of Heaven. If thats the case, then childlike faith is something you must attain. You gotta work and strive and fail and try again and then someday, after years of toiling, maybe you’ll achieve this childlike faith Christ calls you to have. Thats not what Jesus meant. Its not something to work for, its something to cherish.
So what did he mean by “become like a little child”? Well, what do all children have in common? Every child, no matter their background, bringing up, likes or dislikes, is curious. A thousand questions, constant discovery, never fully satisfied and always in awe. This faith is not stagnant belief. By stagnant belief I mean that we do His bidding, we do the right thing, we believe, we know all the right answers and never ask Him for the answers to our own questions. That’s a scary place to be in a family setting. Thats like a business contract. But God is not CEO of Humanity Inc. He’s your Daddy. He’s your Papa. He’s Abba. He has all the answers for your curious mind.
Faith should be curious. Faith is an adventure. You can believe in Him ridiculously. He calls us to have a childlike wonder. Y’all. Childlike wonder is incredible and important and unimaginably beautiful. You can listen to Him, obey Him and ask Him why. In fact, I challenge you to ask Him why. Because when He answers you it is the most awe-inspiring experience. He’ll give you the answers. He’ll give you details. He’ll give you revelation. Then, guess what. He’ll ask you a question. Which brings us to the second part of the verse.
The Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is here on earth. Its not something to do all the right things (go to church, pray, read your Bible daily, etc.) and get to someday. Its not the end goal. Its now. We are the Bride of Christ, we are the Church and we are His sons and daughters. He gives us the Kingdom of Heaven. My gosh though, this is a huge subject. I’ll most likely write a post about this on its own so I won’t get into it. The point that I want to make right now is this. The Kingdom of Heaven is relationship and conversation with Him. Its continual asking and answering. So, its simple; if you do not have childlike wonder and you don’t ask the questions and fall in love with Him and His creation, then He can’t give you the answers. He can’t give you the Kingdom if you won’t receive it.
Be like a child. Be curious. Be confident that your Daddy God will answer you, because He will. Its His favorite thing to do. Let Him give you the Kingdom. Let Him give you wonder and inspiration and beauty. Dream big and let Him work through them. He enjoys you and the things that you think. He gives you the desires of your heart and He longs to give you the Kingdom. You just need to trust like a child and open your hands to Him.


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