Being Still Isn’t Scary – Pt.2

At the 18 Inch Journey we were taught to journal the voice of the Lord. Now I am obsessed. It is something they practice regularly and diligently. Its a process and it takes some courage and perseverance to get into the habit. However, it is not a chore. Journaling His voice is so much fun.
When we had just made our own journals, one of the very first prompts they did was simply “God, what do you think of me?” They would have us close our eyes and then lead us through a story, slowing our mind down and relaxing our thoughts. Thats important. Rid yourself of all distractions, stresses, plans, anything that might take your focus off of His voice. Because He is always speaking, He never fades out, never quits. But we forget to listen, or let other burdens and worries compete with His voice. So slow down. You could write all these worries down and set the paper aside. You can choose a verse you like and think about it. Every word. Study it. Think about it slowly. Or listen to calm music. Nothing that makes your heart beat faster or reminds you of anything except Him. Whatever you choose to do, make sure your focus is on Him and Him alone.
Then, when you’re ready, just write. In the beginning it may feel like your own words. But thats where the courage comes in. You have to trust that its Him. It is. He has been longing to speak to you forever. He wants to tell you who you are, who He is, how He loves you, how He wants to give you His everything. Just write and receive. The words you put on the paper are meant specifically for you. Write until you feel the “flow” stop. Thats not God fading out, but its Him saying “Here you go, enjoy this. Enjoy me.” When you read over the words know that they’re yours to take and receive. Receiving can be hard when you don’t believe you deserve what is being gifted to you. But you, Insert Name Here, have been redeemed. You are not in the process of being redeemed, you are in the process of learning. Your redemption was finished, once and for all, completely and totally when He said “It is finished” on the cross. So you deserve every gift He has to offer. And He is offering the Kingdom and all of Himself to you. He is after your own heart. And He’ll speak to you through writing.
Just a piece of what He said when I asked Him that simple question is this:

….your shape; your mind, heart, thoughts, all of you is unique
and different. I love how it constantly moves but never changes. You
are like me. You like to dream. I like to dream about you. I like to speak
and sing over you. I love when you speak and sing over me….you are disruptive to pain,
you are disruptive to complacency and to shame. You are an usher of peace
and movement and grace…

I would never have said these things about myself and that is how I know it was His voice. I continued to journal His voice since then and He has told me so many things, answered so many questions. He told me I am His adventure and when I asked Him what that meant He gave me the most beautiful response.
I believe it is good to declare truth to others. Whether its personal and you declare to seal it in your own heart, or its something the world or a specific person needs to know. Declaring and speaking is important. The world, me and you, were spoken into being. You are created in His image and you have all authority to speak truth into being. You are not God, but He hears your voice. He hears your cries, your moans, your whispers, your shouts. So when He shares something with you, declare it back to Him and to others.
His voice is beautiful and surprising. Have fun with Him. He’s been waiting.


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