2016-07-22_0031 As a journaling prompt, the leaders at the 18 Inch Journey Youth Camp had us write a declaration of who we are, who God is to us personally and what we believe, pertaining to the week we had spent there in His presence. Later that night, they had us all read them in a beautiful, candle-lit setting outside. The experience was incredible. And the things God said to us was sealed in our hearts as we declared to everyone these things. This is what I wrote.

Where once there was a broken melody, now I sing in perfect harmony.
Where once I cried out in desperation to be heard, now I cry out desperate to hear more.
You see, the Singer and I make music together.
Our song, it is whole and pure and makes you  want to move.
He has printed on my heart a permanent mark of satisfaction.
He has said “It is finished, so lets get started”
I used to think my smile was foolish, but no. It is irreplaceable,
it is confident and He will not let it go.
The Singer and I, sometimes we are like electricity and sometimes
we are like cool water. But no matter what our current never stops
running because we are infinite.
We are on an adventure, never void of sound, always full of grace.
So here we dance, here we sing and here we are at rest.

Declaring over yourself the truth is one of the most powerful things you can do. It changes you. Literally, the way you think, act and live your life will not be the same again. Say it out loud where someone is listening. Speak the truth into being. You have that authority, being His child and created in His image. Believe what you are saying and speak.
I loved hearing what everyone else declared too. I knew some of their stories, and hearing them know the truth for the first time ever, or maybe remember it for the first in forever was incredibly meaningful. Many of the declarations hit a chord in me and I won’t forget them. You know, you can take someone else’s words as your own? God speaks through His people’s thoughts and what they say. Just because someone else said it doesn’t mean its only for them. When you hear God speak, its yours. No matter where it came from.

(Photo by Cageless Birds)


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