True Joy

You are created in God’s image. You are like Him. You came from Him. He made you intricately, deliberately, carefully and when He sees you He sees Himself.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:27 ESV)

So when He looks at you He doesn’t see sin, ignorance, brokenness, nothing like that. He sees purity, creativity, purpose, He sees His child. You are like Him so that means you are meant to be full of joy. Joy is a funny thing, but only ’cause we humans tend to have it all wrong. Joy is a simple fact, but with the way we’ve been twisted and confused, it can be complicated to understand.
King David, the David who wrote the Psalms that we all know as the songs of the Bible, wrote from the heart. And the human heart is not always clean and elegant. Sometimes, most of the time, its messy and childish. Its never easy to understand, never matter of fact. There are always many moving parts to it. Your heart is the most important part of you. God cares about it most. He intended it to be this way. He wanted us to be raw and real and to love Him with all the mess and all the child-like wonder. So when David wrote from the heart, sometimes it was clumsy, his thoughts and anger often came up in retorts, even arguing, at God. David wasn’t careful to talk to God with only reverent, fearful words. He talked to God like He was a friend, a protector, a Father. We know David had respect for God the King, he talked about it many times. However, David understood that God delighted in David and all his creativity. God loved is realness and the way he spoke with abandon. David spoke from the heart and God responded with His own heart.
David and God had a relationship as it was meant to be. Real, open, intimate, unashamed, respecting, a friendship between the closest of friends. In this kind of relationship is the only place you can find true joy. Joy that surpasses all understanding. (Love and joy cannot be separated) Joy doesn’t always mean happiness, although happiness is a common side effect of joy. Joy is trusting God and knowing with everything in you that God delights in you and He’ll take care of you. Joy is knowing He created the tiniest details, from fractals, to atoms, to the largest mountain-scapes and the deepest oceans just for you. Joy is knowing that despite your mistakes, He will never turn away, He’ll never change His mind. Joy is knowing He doesn’t give up. Joy is knowing that despite your circumstances, He is still good and He is still worthy.
Joy takes knowing. Really knowing. Not just knowing in your head. You can know and tell yourself these things, speak and preach them all you want but if you do not believe and your core does not understand it, you won’t have true joy. Joy is yours for the taking. He longs for you to enjoy Him, to experience Him, to love Him. He wants you specifically, personally. He is in wonder and awe of you and all the little details of you. He is infinetely good and wise and playful. And He said “Ask and you will receive” (Matthew 7:7). He wants to give you Him, so let Him show you true joy.



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